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Michael Malone

...still I cannot speak...

14 November 1980
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Author's notes:

There are currently two Michael mini-comics published by Dandelion Studios - Monsters and Sit and Spin. Purchase information will eventually be available here.

I'm somewhat sporadically writing the second series of Michael's stories.

Some 12 years will pass between book one and book two. Michael is in his late thirties now, no longer having the quarter life crisis and having more success in life. His personal life, however, is as chaotic as ever.

Book Two: Malone-

When they say a story ends 'happily ever after', do you believe it? Perhaps you read my last book and thought 'Isn't that wonderful? A happy ending.' Michael and friends walk off into the sunset, and that's all he wrote. Maybe you thought that Jenny and I settled down, got married, had a few kids. Or that the band had a 'big break' and it was all fame and fortune from there.

Well, guess what. If you thought that, you were pretty wrong. Sorry. It didn't go down that way at all. Don't go to the casino, because lady luck isn't your friend. You would've been placing bad bets if you wagered that this was either happy or ever after. It was neither.

The trip home was uneventful enough, sure. Trips home often are. And it's true that I overcame the need to find my mother - see, if you would've bet on that, you'd be in better shape right now. I didn't go looking for her any more after Mexico. That really was the end of my searching. Oh, I did see her again, eventually - but I wasn't the one who was looking. You'll just have to read on to find out. See, this is my way of ensuring you don't just set this book down and leave.

Apologies in advance if you lost any money or sleep over this. I'm pretty sure most of you don't care, and you're already like 'Michael who?' having gone on to bigger and better stories in the past twelve years or so since I've talked to you. But maybe somewhere out there, someone spent a few moments thinking 'I wonder what ever happened after they left Mexico?'

This set of stories is dedicated to you, the people who wondered, who were wise enough not to believe that an ending is always the end.

—- Michael Malone

Cast of Characters:
Michael Malone -
Narrator of these stories.

Julian "Jules" Conway-
Michael's bandmate, plays drums.
Michael occasionally sleeps with him.

Aaron Dane-
Keyboardist for Malone. He's 23, and newly hired.

Ian "Mac" Mackenzie-
Michael's bandmate, plays bass.
He is older (and wiser) than Michael and Jules.

Jennifer "Jenny" Mackenzie-
Mac's wife, Michael's ex-girlfriend.

Annie Mackenzie-
Mac's 19 year old daughter.

Maxwell "Texas" Caine-
Wheelchair bound ex-singer/songwriter, manager of Malone.

Ayla Caine
Texas's wife.

Alexander Wolf
An Iraq war vet (special forces) turned security guard.

Felicity Malone-
Michael's absent mother.

The name of Michael's band.

Book One: Never Cry Wolf -

Hey.. um.. I'm Michael.

I'm 25 years old and I go to the University of Perinthus. Kind of switched majors last year... decided to go for music and creative writing. Which will most likely mean I'll be a starving artist for the rest of my life as my father is quick to point out. Yeah.

To avoid that whole starvation thing as long as possible, I'm working at Java the Hut serving up the coffee. Plus... I like listening to the open mic nights, you know? One of these days, I might even have the courage to get up there and try it myself. Maybe. I have a hard time with the whole public performance thing. Still, I play guitar and write songs and poetry. I just do it... quietly.

Pay no attention to the man behind the counter. Really. He's just here to serve you.

Cast of Characters

Michael Malone -
Narrator of these stories.

Jennifer "Jenny" Lee-
Michael's love interest and co-worker.

Andrew Zachary "Anzack" Thomas -
Jenny's overbearing boyfriend.

Julian "Jules" Conway-
Michael's bandmate, plays drums.
Once made out with Michael while drunk.

Ian "Mac" Mackenzie-
Michael's bandmate, plays keyboards and bass.
He is older (and wiser) than Michael and Jules.

Maxwell "Texas" Caine-
A music manager who is interested in Never Cry Wolf.

Arthur Malone-
Michael's father. Arthur is an accountant, and a heavy drinker.

Felicity Malone-
Michael's absent mother.

Roger Barrow -
Michael's college roommate, a popular but good-natured jock.

Jay, Nick, Alan - friends of Michael at college

Sofie D'Amo -
Hemp girl, Michael's first girlfriend. A hippie wiccan.

Never Cry Wolf -
The name of Michael's indie-rock band - other band members are Jules and Mac.


Perinthus, NY-
The town in which Michael lives, works, and goes to school.

Perinthus University-
Michael's school, known frequently to the students as 'Old PU'.

Java the Hut-
Where Michael works as a barista during his college years.

Hoboken, NJ-
Where Michael's father lives, and Michael spent a good portion of his childhood.

Wildwood, NJ
Every summer, Never Cry Wolf goes to Wildwood and plays some gigs.

Other Information
The first book in Michael's story took about two and half years to write. You can find most of the shorts in this journal, in their unedited form.

There is no particular order in which the stories must be read, though Mudo was the first written, and Mexico Can't Wait was the last. They're all narrated by Michael. They're meant to be a series of memories, and as such, they are all colored by the narrator's perception and feelings about the events.

Michael is a fictional character in a short story series. Any resemblance to any non-fictional living or dead person is purely coincidental.

Musician used to represent Michael in non-comic icons and pictures- Blake Sennett.

Author information -
All stories, Michael Malone, and content of this journal (with the exception of pictures or unless otherwise indicated) are copyright Laura Cushing.

Author's journal charisma

published in the Feb 2006 issue of the Santa Clara Review.

California People
won a 100 dollar short story prize given by Life for Change

Dancing, Scrabble, and Feliz Cumpleanos
published in It Takes All Kinds

Monsters and Sit and Spin (mini-comics)
published by Dandelion Studios

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